Dread X Collection 3 – The Devs and Details

Hello there, you happening horde of honored horror hellions! Welcome back for another unveiling of the newest Dread X Collection! It has been an absolutely insane year for us here at Dread X. After launching the Dread X Collection back in May, we got to work on bringing you the Dread X Collection 2 just 3 months later. The overwhelming support from our fans has been the stuff of dreams. Checking the Steam page and being greeted with a 98% approval rating has been cause for continued celebration for all the devs and people involved. I want to thank everyone that took the time to play our game and leave a review. You’re all wonderful people and objectively very attractive.

I wish I could say that those positive comments were the reason we decided to dive into a third Dread X Collection, but we actually started work before Dread X Collection 2 launched. From the inception of Dread X, it was always our goal to bring the fans the most polished yet diverse package that could possibly be made in such a short period of time. Our plan was to launch 3 collections within our first year. The Dread X Collection was based off of P.T. to serve both as a proof of concept for the collection and for the games contained within. It was meta like that. The Dread X Collection 2 was our attempt to take an interesting twist on an established genre. By giving the developers the prompt of “Lovecrafting” rather than just the standard “Lovecraftian,” we got some of the most unique takes on the Lovecraft mythos outside of extra-wacky Call of Cthulhu playgroups. With the Dread X Collection 3, we want to give our take on a genre that’s less officially established, but nonetheless an important subgenre of horror. Get ready to get some goosebumps while asking yourself if you really are afraid of the dark and the real monsters that live there. Aaahh!!!

With Dread X Collection 3, we’re taking it to the place where few horror brands dare to go: spoopy. That’s right, cute and spooky. We all have that piece of formative horror that kindled the first flame of dark desires in our hearts. How many new horror fans sang their way into the fandom with A Nightmare Before Christmas? Or spent their first furtive nights tucked under the covers with a flashlight and a book by R. L. Stine? Or how about the horror in places we didn’t expect, like the ReDeads in Majora’s Mask? Or the Giant Dianoga from the N64 Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire? Okay, there’s actually nothing cute about that last one. It’s just pure terror. I’m still scared of deep water after that.

So what can fans expect from the deranged minds of Dread X Collection 3? Well, here’s the bullet points:

  • 12 new games based on the theme “Spoopy”
  • An all-new cast of rockstar indie devs (Except Torple Dook, he got to stay)
  • New interactive launcher created by Akuma Kira, the mind behind Lost in Vivo and Spooky’s House of Jumpscares
  • Coming to PC on Steam mid-October

With this new theme, we are hoping to deliver an innovative new blend of unexpected spooks just in time for the spookiest month of all. What kind of terrifying tales can you expect? Here’s a list of the devs and titles in no particular order:

Breogan Hackett – Bubbo: Adventure on Geralds Island

You play as Bubbo, who is tasked with delivering supplies to Geralds Island, a place inhabited by cute animal people (or are they regular people wearing animal outfits?). After unloading the supplies you are informed you will have to collect their payment (50 gold coins) from around the main village. After this you discover the animals have taken the propeller from your boat retrieving it leads you into a dark tower at the far end of the island. The Animals are all here and at the back of the room is Gerald Himself towering over the others, his head an imitation of a human’s. They are standing around a deep dark hole telling you to jump. Floating in the center is the propeller. You have no choice but to jump…

Blood Machine – Soul Waste

Within a lifeless wasteland, the city ruins slumber as an immortal hero embarks on their everlasting quest to kill God. You play as an unnamed immortal hero, traversing a ruined city, on their quest to free a god, to end them. What secrets does the world hold? A momentum-based platformer with light combat, and simple enemies. Big jumps, fast movement-based gameplay.

Bryce Bucher – Disparity of the Dead

You play as a detective that has been dead for 30 years. The Land of the Dead serves as the relatively stress free eternal afterlife for absolutely everyone; however, recently there has been an odd disparity between the number of people dying and the number of new people showing up. It’s up to a dead detective to collect enough evidence to gain a warrant and investigate the Realm of the Living. A mystery begins to unfold, and at the center of it is something that evades explanation. Find clues, connect them, and do some simple 3D platforming.

Amon Twentysix – Bete Grise

You play as「Pom」. A cheery night manager of the Bete Grise (pronounced bay de-gree) hotel.  A quiet, lonely shift in a hotel with strange happenings, and peculiar guests.  The scene begins at midnight. Make the rounds, checking any left over work by housekeeping.  Fold towels, make beds, repair vending machines, check the front desk for requests or notes.  There is a mystery here.  Will you be ready to welcome tonight’s special guests?

Corpsepile – Submission

Help Potato the Donkey collect apples and meet his friends as you journey with him back to the farm! That’s it, nothing spooky or meta going on at all. Nothing to see here! 🙂


You’ve taken a position at a research station on a remote planet.  Your only companion is a computer controlled robot assistant who does her best to keep you happy.  Searching a nearby meteor impact leads to a discovery that turns her against you.  

Modus Interactive – EDEN: Garden of the Faultless

Uncover the true nature of the Faultless as you care for them from egg to angel. Help them to reach their true potential through consumables found throughout the garden. Give your Faultless encouragement as they attempt a race through a series of obstacles. Ensure your Faultless is adequately trained in speed, power, and flight, or they may get left in the dust! Compete with your Faultless to discover the true purpose of the “Grand Event” and the world around you.

Basalt Tower – Matter OVER Mind

The hair product corporation Excès de Confiance has developed the latest and greatest in hair conditioners, Formula 500. Unfortunately due to a key active ingredient being a strange DNA sample harvested deep in the Marianas Trench, Formula 500 is capable of intelligent thought. Unknowing of the danger they are in, the scientists continue to experiment but Formula 500 is waiting for it’s time to strike. A reverse horror about a coconut and vanilla scented blob escaping its containment and hijacking the minds of its prey.

Moya Horror/Amos – Nice Screams at Funfair

The player gets dropped in an otherworldly Funfair which is going through big changes in management. The staff is short handed and they force you, a complete stranger, to run an ice cream parlor. Everything will be fine as long as you get the coins out of the customers’ pockets and get their orders correct. But don’t get any funny ideas! There’s an ever-vigilant robotic cat that keeps you in check. Don’t pocket the money and serve perfect ice scream experiences and you might just make it through the day.

Adam Pype & Viktor Kraus – SPOOKWARE @ The Video Store

An entirely new SPOOKWARE game! Join the skelebros at their Halloween movie marathon with a collection of brand-new blood-pumping horror microgames. Halloween’s coming up and the skelebros, Lefti Midi and Rieti, are looking to do something special. On a drive home they decide to pop into the video store chain (called Spookware) and do a horror movie marathon. Which movies should they watch? Well, why not all of them! The skelebros brace themselves for the longest and spookiest movie marathon of their lives. Will you reach the end or chicken out?

Torple Dook – Chip’s Tips

Chip is the host of the hit kids’ TV show Chip’s Tips! Chip has to get ready to put on a Halloween party at his house tonight. Can you help him find everything he needs for the perfect spooky celebration? You’ll need to find things like decorations, snacks, and his friends’ phone numbers who he’ll have to call to invite to the party. There are also fun and wacky characters in Chip’s house who will need your help! What could possibly go wrong?


Sato Wonderland is an Amusement Park created by the eccentric AI pioneer Hidetaka Sato as a showcase for his many beloved characters. The park opened thirty years ago and was an international attraction, even after Sato passed away a few years later. Recently, one of the park’s oldest mascot characters, Kitsuhime-sama, has been acting erratically, culminating in her attempting to grab a child and escape the park with him. The player is sent in as the park’s AI handler to determine what the problem is and if Kitsuhime can be repaired or must be retired.

Once again, I want to thank all the fans for their continued support. Bringing the Dread X Collection to life has been a dream come true. We aren’t quite ready to announce the exact release date, but you can expect the Dread X Collection 3 to hit steam mid-October before our Spooky Game Showcase! Stay tuned for more information soon!

  • mataj
    June 5, 2022

    Hi I just wanted to say that I really love “Chip’s Tips” – it’s a beautiful surreal game, I love its absurdity and especially the music and walking animation. Thanks for making these creative indie games.

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