The Book of Asmodeus Lets You Write Your Own Horror Adventure

If you’ve ever felt an insatiable urge to call on powers you really shouldn’t, you’re in luck. You can now star in your own horror book. The Book of Asmodeus offers a cool concept with an Augmented Reality horror book and game.

The Book of Asmodeus is handmade, featuring 126 pages and a polymer clay cover. It also features acrylic painting, artisanal binding, unlined pages, and a glossy matte finish. On the cover is a leering, horned demon, its enraged depiction almost ready to leap out of the book to attack. The player writes their own adventure and, thanks to the magic of Augmented Reality, sees the demons come to life from the discomfort and danger of their own room. While the player uses a compatible smartphone or tablet, the demons come alive using the official app.

The Book of Asmodeus Clown
Actually, what did happen that summer where all the creepy clowns were chasing people? Can we go back to that simpler time?

Players begin their story and interact with the Book’s denizens. While playing, they’ll make choices that affect their survival and the ending. First, however, they’ll choose an archetype (such as the smart one or the funny one) and deal with different puzzles depending on their choice. This should ensure plenty of replayability, with different “roles” each time the game is played.

Learn more about The Book of Asmodeus on its official website. Though they have not yet launched their crowdfunding, a KickStarter page also exists. Be sure to hit the “Notify me on launch” button if you’re interested. This isn’t the first demon-based game to utilize Augmented Reality (mobile RPG title Shin Megami Tensei Liberation: Dx2 also features the ability to show the series’ demons in AR), but it has a stronger focus on horror. The Book of Asmodeus also brings to mind old choose-your-own-adventure books, but with modern technology and a decidedly less campy tone than series such as Give Yourself Goosebumps.

Watch the live action trailer above or on the official YouTube channel.

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