Midnight Suns – Doctor Strange Summons a Cthulhu in March 2022

Just announced at Gamescom Opening Night, Marvel’s Midnight Suns is bringing the more occult Marvel characters into the games fold. We’re shown Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, and a slew of other occult and magical heroes. Some are shown with some neat redesigns. Ghost Rider especially. Midnight Suns could be a reference to the supervillain Midnight Sun first debuted in 1974. The game is being developed by Firaxis, the company behind the wildly popular XCOM series.

Midnight Suns hero lineup

With Firaxis on dev duty, could we see a return to the tactical decision-making of something like X-Men Legends? Hopefully. I’m a Marvel fan myself, and I wasn’t able to identify all of the heroes shown in the trailer. I know I saw Doctor Strange, Blade, some form of Captain America, Ghost Rider, Wolverine, and some form of Iron Man (possibly War Machine?). The game brings together these heroes to fight Lilith, mother of all the demons. Details on Midnight Suns are fairly sparse right now, but a gameplay reveal has been teased for September 1st and you know we’ll be there.

Midnight Suns in the comics is a member of the Legion of the Unliving, a B-team of Marvel Heroes with occult and horror-adjacent storylines and powers. For example, the first Legion of the Unliving was Baron Zemo,The Flying Dutchman’s Ghost, Frankenstein’s Monster, Human Torch, Midnight Sun, and Wonder Man. If those heroes don’t sound familiar to you, that’s okay. The Marvel Universe is huge and there is only so many heroes we can focus our energies on. Hopefully you’ll get familiar with the Legion of the Unliving when Midnight Suns drops in March 2022. You can check out the trailer below!