WRATH: AEON OF RUIN Is Retro Shooter By A Retro Team Using A Retro Engine

At what point does a game truly become retro? Do you get to call yourself retro just because you have some flashy pixel art? Or do you also need a trendy chiptune soundtrack? At what point is it not just nostalgia baiting, but a legitimate ritual designed to summon the ghost of John Romero to make the world his bitch (as was prophecized)? Well, WRATH: Aeon of Ruins is so retro, they might as well be releasing cheat codes in magazines.

I never thought that in 2019, I’d be covering a new shooter created by 3D Realms using the Quake engine. But here we are. 3D Realms are those guys best known for making, Duke Nukem, Wolfenstein 3D, and various other shooters trendy nerds pretend to have played. I have to say, I was shocked to find out they are still around. I thought Duke Nukem Forever had ended them. But I guess not. And hey, if Duke Nukem Forever‘s problem was it trying to do too much new stuff, why not do the exact opposite and polish up a bunch of old stuff?

Are you wondering if perhaps you tripped and fell into a time vortex? It’s understandable. Here’s more info on WRATH: Aeon of Ruin from the Official Press Release:

WRATH: Aeon of Ruin, the dark fantasy horror FPS powered by the original Quake engine from publishers 3D Realms and 1C Entertainment and developer KillPixel Gamesunleashes bloody fury on Steam Early Access today at 10 AM PT / 7 PM CET. Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One versions will be available in 2020.

Once adrift upon the Ageless Sea, Outlander finds himself on the shores of a dying world.  A radiant figure draped in white, the Shepherd of Wayward Souls, burdens Outlander with a harrowing task: journey into the sprawling gloom and slay the fallen Guardians who have plunged this world into darkness.

WRATH launches in Early Access with the first of three non-linear Hub worlds and two unlocked levels. Annihilate the horrors lurking within the ruins of the Old World with an arsenal of devastating weaponry and mystical artifacts. Early Access will continue to receive content updates that add even more levels, enemies, weapons, artifacts and music by Quake Champions composer Andrew Hulshult.

“At 3D Realms we want to evoke nostalgia from the golden era of gaming using classic FPS engines, but with a modern twist,” said Frederik Schreiber, Vice President of 3D Realms and Producer on WRATH. “With the incredible Quake engine as our vessel and developer Jeremiah ‘KillPixel’ Fox at the helm, shooter fans are in for a twisted ride.”

So if you want to check out WRATH: Aeon of Ruin and blow up some old-school horror monsters, you can head on over to the Steam store page. No word yet on when the game might get a full release, so check back for more WRATH news ripped straight from the headlines of 1992!

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