Where Is My Body Will Make You Wonder Where Is Your Game Boy

I always love seeing retro hardware get new games. One company, Green Boy Games, has made it their goal to keep the original Game Boy alive. Their latest project, Where Is My Body?, sees them taking on both the adventure and horror genre. It’s rad, and already funded.

Yes, Where Is My Body? is currently on Kickstarter, but the good news is it’s already funded. With 16 days still left, Where Is My Body? has made about €12,500 of a €4,000 goal. So its already beaten its base goal, which is awesome. We’re getting close to the first stretch goal, set at €15,000, which means the game will also ship with a mini cardboard box to keep it safe. Interestingly, at €21,000 developer Green Boy Games will add a new half chapter to the game, giving players more bang for their buck.

As for the game itself, you’ll be playing as a hand that has lost the rest of its body. Your goal? Find it, of course. You’ll start your search in a laboratory, where you must deal with the professor that seemingly stole your body. Eventually, however, you’ll be moving to the big city. You’ll be doing this in classic adventure game style, collecting items and interacting with objects using said items. Hopefully, you can find it before you decompose.

If you’re interested in Where Is My Body?, you can check out the Kickstarter page here. It’ll take €6 to get the ROM, or €35 if you want the full Game Boy cartridge. Interestingly, you can also spend €196 to get a replica of the original Game Boy that will play the games, just in case you lost yours.

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