What Happened Dev Diary Talks About Suicide, Psychology, And How It Influenced Their Game

Content warning: this dev diary video starts out with a story that is unequivocally a bummer. Polish indie devs Genius Slackers have released the first dev diary for their upcoming game, What Happened. The video, which talks of the inspiration for their game’s story, involves a suicide, and the psychological state a person would be in to do so. What Happened follows a person whose mind is in a similar state. 

What Happened follows an American high school student named Stiles. Suffering from a number of personal demons, Stiles turns to hallucinogenic drugs in order to self medicate the pain. However, he is on a path of self destruction, and the game takes place inside of his dark hallucinations. 

Only players’ empathy, and ability to read between the lines of his confused memories and drug-fuelled hallucinations, can turn Stiles from his self-destructive path.

What Happened is scheduled for release on July 20th. You can wishlist their Steam page by clicking here

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