Weird West On Trail for Fall Release

Devolver Digital announced a new frontier. Weird West will make its way to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this fall.

But, hold your horses. It’s dangerous out in the middle of nowhere like that. This ain’t your Wild West. This is your Weird West. You’ll saddle up as one of several odd heroes. Coming from the co-creators of Dishonored and Prey, it’s a hootenanny you won’t soon forget. Weird West’s isometric perspective lets you easily get the lay of the land. The choices you make will write new legends, with every new outset a unique, fresh start specially tailored to the actions you’ve taken. You can form a gang of your own or hit the saloon solo. It also tries to blend the weirdness with immersive simulation gameplay. There will be plenty of ways to customize your new gunslinger, with different abilities and loadouts for just about any shootout.

Weird West Bounty Hunter Abilities
The Bounty Hunter is one of several different options to explore.

Developer WolfEye Studios makes its debut with Weird West. President and Creative Director Raphael Colantonio was previously President of Arkane Studios. His credits include the 2002 action RPG Arx Fatalis, the 2012 first-person adventure Dishonored, and the 2017 FPS Prey.

Devolver Digital publishes a wide variety of games, including the upcoming action FPS Shadow Warrior 3, tactical timey-wimey roguelike Loop Hero, and 2020 reverse-horror ooey-gooey Carrion. They also published the 2016 bullet hell roguelike Enter the Gungeon. Of course, the company publishes many more different titles under the Devolver Digital label.

More information will be coming out in the next few weeks as Weird West’s fall release date approaches. Giddy up and go on over to the Steam page if you want to Wishlist and Follow its development. Learn more about the individual characters on the official Weird West site as well.