Turbo Kid Kickstarter Opens Wish Lists

Fans of classic Metroidvanias rejoice. The Turbo Kid Kickstarter is now accepting Wish Lists for its upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Though Turbo Kid has most of its funding down pat, the Kickstarter will serve to polish and add features to the game prior to its full release. When it drops next year on the PC and Nintendo Switch, here’s hoping that the systems can handle the attitude.

The game is based on the film of the same name, where The Kid must cross a wasteland while protecting himself. Like the movie, it’ll feature broad, expansive environments, buckets of gore, a story to touch the heartstrings, BMX tricks, and music by Le Matos. Outerminds is developing Turbo Kid with RKSS Films, the creators of the film, and producer EMA Films. The Turbo Kid film originally came out in 2015, with the game announced this March. Though some might balk remembering the era of licensed games, Turbo Kid is looking pretty good with its 2D spritework and desolate landscapes. One can learn more information and subscribe to the Outerminds newsletter on the game’s official website.

Turbo Kid Kickstarter Screenshot Charge Beam
Metroid fans should vibe pretty well with the charge attack.

Outerminds’ previous publications involve mobile game collaborations with large YouTube stars. Their genres include action and arcade games, platformers, runner-style games, and creature collecting. Tadpole Tap, their first title, debuted in 2015. Most games are free to play, but includes ads and in-app purchases. The studio, based in Montreal and founded in 2014, works closely with influencers when developing their titles. Turbo Kid thus marks their first foray into PC and console gaming.

Don’t forget to give the official trailer a watch, which boasts some pretty impressive aesthetics in the opening. Outerminds’ previous experience with platformers and action games is very apparent, with tight-looking controls to go along with its distinct visuals. Look forward to hearing more about it as the Kickstarter begins.