Trepang2, Bloody FPS, Revealed at Gamescom

Trepang2 is an upcoming first-person shooter with supernatural elements and showers of gore. Team17 and Trepang Studios plan to release the FPS sometime in 2022 by way of Team17’s indie label.

Trepang2 tells the story of a super-soldier who recently broke out of a heavily-guarded blacksite. They seek revenge, but an even greater threat hunts them. Without any memory of their previous life, but granted new combat abilities, strength, and stealth, the story is littered with bullet casings and bloodthirsty vengeance in its single-player campaign.

The player character, or simply [REDACTED], will engage in an over-the-top campaign. They’ll acquire and master powers such as slowing time, cloaking themselves, and inhuman levels of strength and speed to take down the waves of militant blacksite forces. Besides the single player campaign, there will also be a number of modes to provide instant action, such as horde defense.

Trepang2 Screenshot Hallway
Achieve vengeance in Trepang2 when it comes out next year.

Wishlist Trepang2 on Steam now in anticipation of its release. Don’t forget to follow it as well to learn the latest in its development. A trailer accompanied the announcement, with the trailer uploaded earlier today. If you can’t wait to try it out for yourself, the Steam page also features a demo for your perusal.

Trepang Studios was founded in 2019 by four friends situated across the world. The team started as modders before a more formal entrance into the industry. Trepang2 is the FPS game the team “has dreamed of playing.” One can follow the studio on their official Twitter account.

Team 17, founded 1990, is a prolific publisher and developer with over 100 titles in its portfolio. Titles include the frantic kitchen multiplayer title Overcooked!, and the iconic Worms series, which recently turned 25. Other games published by Team17 include collectathon Yooka-Laylee, golfing title Golf With Your Friends, and action RPG Blasphemous, among many others.