Total War: Warhammer III Reveals Khorne Roster

The developers of Total War: Warhammer III showed off the latest roster for Khorne’s faction. Khorne’s forces eschew magical and ranged might for melee power. Matching them in close quarters is a tall order, indeed. This marks the first reveal of the Daemon factions.

A realm of pure, malevolent magic exists, removed from the banality of mortal conflicts and triumphs. The Realm of Chaos is incomprehensible and breaks lesser mortal minds. On its border stand two kingdoms: Kislev, defended by stern-faced, hardened warriors, and Grand Cathay. Both have opted to send their armies beyond into the Realm of Chaos.

Khorne’s forces include similar concepts from the Chaos factions, but it also includes new Lords, Heroes, and Units. As Total War: Warhammer III is still in development, plenty is still subject to change ahead of its release.

Skarbrand appears as the “flagship” Legendary Lord. He once attempted to smite the Blood God, but Khorne cursed away his reasoning and sense of self, leaving him a near-mindless brute frothing with rage. Only the mightiest of magic can hope to make a dent in his defenses. He comes with abilities to capitalize on his unending, seething fury.

Total War: Warhammer III Chaos Warriors like a lot I mean a L O T.
The gang is off to commit war crimes.

Below Skarbrand stand the Exalted Bloodthirsters. These massive, destructive creatures fly on fell wings to deliver death from above. One is a bad omen. If you have the severe misfortune to encounter multiple of these Lords, best of luck. The other Lords are the Heralds of Khorne. These beings, if particularly favored, may ride into battle on a Juggernaut or Blood Throne and leave death and destruction in their wake.

Khorne’s Heroes include cultists and Bloodreapers. Cultists of Khorne create wicked congregations and spread corruption throughout the realms. Compared to the large brutes, they focus on disintegrating societies from within. Some may ride a Chaos Steed and feed it a steady diet of human flesh and diluted blood. Bloodreapers carry Hellblades, malevolent enchanted swords made out of jagged, cruel-looking dark iron. The wounds it inflicts can drain a soul and suck the corpse dry. As it takes lives, the Bloodreaper grows stronger. Some can also ride atop a Blood Throne or Juggernaut.

Khorne’s Units include the Chaos Warriors and Bloodletters. Chaos Warriors of Khorne enter a blood frenzy and revel in battle. Berserker variants with dual-axes shred infantry into something resembling pulled pork. Khorne’s relatively few non-Daemon servants mean that they typically either serve as fodder or commanders. The Bloodletters sprint from foe to foe, tearing them to pieces before bounding away to their next target. They, too, gain power with each kill. Khorne’s Chosen, the Naked Slayers, are the Exalted versions. Though an upgrade, the power comes at a cost of time and resources.

There are various other units, too, outlined in the Total War: Warhammer III blog. This includes various vehicles and beasts under Khorne’s command. A trailer debuted on June 7, as well, showing off the units. Total War: Warhammer III has a release date sometime late 2021.