Tokyo Game Show NIOH 2 Trailer Shows Off Plenty Of Ways To Die

The Tokyo Game Show is happening now, and with it are plenty of juicy new trailers and gameplay footage. One title that I in particular have been excited for every since E3 2018 is Nioh 2. The Soulslike genre is vast and fully of angry spiders, but the original Nioh stood out as a genuinely unique experience. It was a monster of a game, easily clocking in at 200 hours, and with near-endless amounts of optional side-content. More importantly, the gameplay was tight. It can be a bit overwhelming at first to wrap your head around attack combos, stance swapping, and tapping R1 to Ki pulse, but once you get into the flow of combat it hits the pleasure center of your brain like a truckload of fudge.

With Nioh 2, fans are curious about what kind of changes we are in for. We know that the game is a prequel, taking place before William Adams’s magical adventures in Japan. We also know that you will now be able to customize your character, a la every other RPG on the planet. While plenty is still mysterious as to new weapon types or mechanics, the new TGS trailer shows off something that isn’t in short supply: violent death animations. The new trailer seems entirely focused on this aspect, a veritable slideshow of misery. So check out the trailer to see all the fun and exciting ways you will die.

There’s a playable demo of Nioh 2 at the show, so expect plenty of gameplay trailers on the horizon. Until then, keep checking back, and we will bring you more coverage as it hits the webs.

Nioh 2
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