Throwback Sci-Fi Shooter It Came From Outer Space And Ate Our Brains Launches Today On Consoles

Who doesn’t love classic sci-fi? It was a glorious era where men in giant rubber costumes feebly swatted at each other and pretended like it was world-shattering combat. And we just accepted it. You can’t do fight scenes anymore without a 100 million dollar budget and seven offices full of enslaved VFX artists working 27 hours a day. Speaking of nostalgia, what better way to advertise your throwback game than with an equally retro trailer. It’s straight from the ’90s. Just listen to that announcer. Watch how they shoulder bump each other on the couch. No one is this happy while gaming in 2020.

At least they all appear to be holding the controllers correctly

Can It Came from Outer Space and Ate Our Brains make you and your three closest friends this happy? Maybe. I don’t know what you and your friends do. Maybe you like nuzzling shoulder-to-shoulder with your mates on the couch like you’re stuck on a flight to Beijing. Maybe your favorite beverage is vague brown liquid, potentially alcoholic. Maybe you like to sit boy-boy-girl-girl to firmly establish the platonic nature of your social group. Maybe you like to get way too obsessed with breaking down inoffensive stock trailer images when you’re stretching for content. Who knows, live your best life.

Originally released in 2015 by Triangle Studios, It Came from Outer Space and Ate Our Brains is invading consoles today. Now available on the Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC, this new edition comes with some updated features. A new UI, rebalanced difficulty, updated visuals, and a new prologue are now available to new players and owners of the original. If you want to pick it up, you can get it now for $15.

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