The Last Oricru Offers First Look at Gameplay

The Last Oricru revealed some of its gameplay today in a trailer. The action RPG blends sci-fi and medieval elements. The trailer introduced some of the fundamentals of The Last Oricru, with players navigating the carnage of a civil war over the fate of Wardenia. The Last Oricru is a launch title for Prime Matter, a new games label from Koch Media focusing on premium experiences.

Silver, a man who crash-landed onto Wardenia, suddenly wakes up from his cryogenically-induced nap. The role he has to play in the story and the fate of Wardenia will come together as players travel the realm.

The Last Oricru will place an emphasis on storytelling and player agency and choice. Silver’s actions will have consequences for the entire planet of Wardenia. The ongoing civil war for dominance over it will force players to choose a path, make allies and enemies, and determine who will come out on top.

The trailer and its alpha footage includes over 8 full minutes of content. Since it is an extremely early version, be aware that the game’s gameplay, story, and other elements are subject to change. Players will collect essence from defeated enemies to upgrade their character. Every decision has consequences, and offers plenty of branching paths. The various races and factions all have their own goals, grievances, and gear.

The Last Oricru People Factory
What horrible things await you in The Last Oricru?

Lastly, The Last Oricru includes local drop-in co-op. Some options are only available in a two-player game. The trailer demonstrates this with a spider enemy. One player can trap the monster and crush it with a portcullis while the other distracts it.

GoldKnights, founded in 2015, boasts nearly 40 team members comprised of both industry veterans and fresh blood. Veterans bring experience from places such as PUBG, Keen Software House, NapNok Games, and Ubisoft. The Last Oricru is the team’s first title together.