The Fabulous Fear Machine Coming 2022

The Fabulous Fear Machine, a strategy game with a pulp-horror aesthetic, will be hitting PCs next year, according to AMC Games and Shudder. This marks the first entry of the horror streaming service into the games market. Developer Fictiorama Studios plans to have the game ready to go by spring 2022.

The narrative-driven strategy game has players conquer the world through fear. The Fabulous Fear Machine includes both social simulation and pulp horror roleplaying. AMC Networks’ horror streaming service Shudder provided consultation as a great boon to the developer team.

 “The Fabulous Fear Machine is the ultimate manifestation of why we tell scary stories. It explores the tales we all grew up hearing as kids, and the thrill we get from sharing them with others. We’re so excited to be partnering with the award-winning developers at Fictiorama and our colleagues and Shudder to deliver for players the power of urban legends… that they may spread and continue to scare the bejeezus out of us all.”

Clayton Neuman, VP of Games for AMC

“Just how deeply are we all influenced by these fables? In The Fabulous Fear Machine, we answer that question by turning scary stories into strategic tools… and then we place them in the hands of players,” wrote Fictiorama.

The Fabulous Fear Machine screenshot
There’s a distinctly pulpy look to everything, combining comics with urban legends.

Features include the ability to see the media react to your Legends, sowing fear among the populace. Your Agents handle the dirty work, but you are the mastermind. Rivals and forces for good will both attempt to sabotage your efforts. Crush them, lest they undo your plans and turn them into inspirations or, worse, marketable plushes. And, scare local, but think global. Use folklore against the locals to create truly terrifying tales.

The Fabulous Fear Machine is the third title by AMC Games. The first was 2020 flight passenger simulator Airplane Mode, which recreated the experience of commercial flight. Metal-detecting game The Magnificent Trufflepigs recently came to the PC and Nintendo Switch. Check out the trailer, also linked above.