The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Will Let You Save or Kill Your Friends This Halloween

We may all miss Silent Hill, but not everyone has given up on the idea of a creepy fog-covered demon town. Supermassive Games, developer of horror hits like Until Dawn and Man of Medan have announced when you can grab the second game of their Dark Pictures Anthology series. Little Hope will be available on the absolutely perfect day: Halloween.

Little Hope sees a group of five friends on a bus that crashes. With nowhere to go other than the mysterious town of Little Hope, they enter. Naturally, things are rather terrible here. A fog stops them from leaving and pushes them further in town, there’s a creepy little girl that sings and dances and murders, and the devil probably wants them dead. Thankfully, they have their friends. You can also have your own friends: the game can either be played with a buddy online, or you can have up to five friends in an off-line party mode where they each take control of a different character.

As for The Dark Pictures Anthology as a whole, each game is a stand-alone story so you don’t need to play Man of Medan to understand this one. Each game sees you changing control of characters, picking dialogue choices and engaging in quick-time events. Every character in the game has a chance to live or die, so the story’s outcome is determined by what you do. Either everyone can survive, or everyone can die, and it all depends on you. No pressure.

If you pre-order Little Hope you’ll also get the Curator’s Cut DLC, which will let you replay the game but with a focus on different characters in different scenes. If you don’t pre-order, the Curator Cut will be made available as free DLC for all owners of the game about three months after release.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 30th, 2020. While waiting, you can check out the first game in the series here.

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