The Chant Rings in New Trailer Before Fall

The Chant released a trailer earlier today showing off the upcoming psychedelic horror game. Developer Brass Token plans to launch it on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PCs sometime this fall.

Taking place during a spiritual retreat on a remote island, the sense of relaxation quickly fades away. What at first seemed like a pleasant retreat becomes an inescapable danger. Creatures birthed from negative energy assail the locals, the staff, and clients at the retreat. The ritual chant may have had something to do with it, opening a portal to The Gloom, a nightmarish dimension. The creatures of The Gloom will stop at nothing by wearing the survivors down with their own anxieties and fears.

There may be hope, however, if you can solve the mystery behind a new-age cult from the 70s. Toughen up your mind, your body, and your spirit to reverse the chant and escape The Gloom, lest you be lost in the realm forever. Mastering your fears and overcoming what holds you back will set you free, if you can summon the will to survive the blazing inferno before you.

The Chant Screenshot
Master your fears and you might just retreat from this retreat intact.

Brass Token works out of Vancouver, Canada. The independent studio started up in 2017, the team led by AAA industry veterans. Titles employees have worked on in the past include Bully, Sleepign Dogs, and Gears of War. With a passion for horror and character-driven mechanics, Brass Token works to create high-production third-person action games with detailed stories.

Prime Matter sits in Munich. The gaming label delivers immersive and diverse games from talent around the world in a variety of styles. The Prime Matter label handles distribution and publishing from bold new indie creators and well-established studios seeking their next step when it comes to building their brand.