[TGA 2019] GODFALL Is A New Looter-Slasher For The PlayStation 5

Huh, I guess we just skipped the whole console hype junkets this year. I know that Xbox had teased their new console with something about Halo 6 at E3 2019, but it hardly felt… you know… announced? I’m used to big conferences with 20 games shown. Give me that hype and pizzazz! All consoles are inevitably going to be overpriced buggy messes at launch. At least wow me a little!

Still, I can see why studios would want to distance themselves from those massive blowout events. When everything is going to be about Halo 72 or Call of Duty 114, you might as well try to be the prettiest PlayStation princess at the smaller show. That’s how I’m guessing Gearbox chose to announce their newest game Godfall at The Game Awards. Coming in 2020, Godfall is one of the first PS5 titles announced. It’s also coming to the EPIC Games Store, which might mean the era of Microsoft PC hegemony is coming to an end. Or maybe not. it’s all clickbait.

From what they said at TGA, Godfall is a looter-slasher. I guess Borderlands made a ton of money, so might as well cash in on that looter-verb craze. Godfall‘s website doesn’t say much more, just that the game features combat and up to three-player coop. Whew, I was worried for a second the game wouldn’t have combat. Good thing they cleared that up. On the plus side, the trailer features a giant hydra perched upon a mass relay making a water vortex in the sky. So that’s dope.


Godfall is releasing for the PS5 and PC holiday 2020. It’s published by Gearbox Publishing and developed by Counterplay Games. No word yet on the price. You can check out Counterplay’s previous game Duelyst for free on steam here.

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