Telling Lies FMV Mystery Game to be Ported To Consoles

Annapurna Interactive has just announced that their FMV game, Telling Lies, will be ported to the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Telling Lies is a game by designer Sam Barlow, also known forSilent Hill: Shattered Memories and his other FMV game, Her Story. Released August of 2019, Telling Lies received enormous critical acclaim, especially for the cast, which included actos Logan Marshall-Green, Kerry Bishé, Angela Sarafyan, and Alexandra Shipp. The game was nominated for four Golden Joystick Awards and won an award for best performer. 

Telling Lies is a mystery game. You take the role of Karen Douglas, former FBI agent in possession of a stolen NSA laptop, with full access to their database. You must investigate the mysterious circumstances that connect the lives of the four main characters. The gameplay revolves around analysis of various footage of the characters, where you may search keywords and terms in order to piece together what incident. But time is limited, and unless you uncover the mystery in time, you lose all your notes and bookmarks and must start again.

Though the stories are unrelated, Barlow stated that Telling Lies is the spiritual successor to Her Story. Rather than the murder-mystery of the latter, Telling Lies is of a much larger scale, and explores themes of video surveilance and, obviously, manipulation and lies. You can find more information about Telling Lies at the game’s website or the Steam page.

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