System Shock Cyberspace Looks Even More Like TRON Than TRON Does

Nightdive Studios released a new gameplay preview for their remake of System Shock. Though unlike most of the gameplay we’ve seen, which depicts the player exploring the dark corridors of the Citadel, this one is a peek at the bright neon lights of the system’s corridors. Looking even more like TRON than TRON does (ok maybe not, but cmon), this gameplay shows cyberspace combat, where the player fights off security programs in Descent style zero-G flight. 

System Shock, for those who haven’t played it (and there are many because the original is basically unplayable), takes place in the massive Citadel space station. Playing as a nameless hacker coerced into hacking the AI known as SHODAN, you soon find out how dangerous this program can be. Waking up months later after brain surgery, you find that SHODAN has commandeered the station, and all the living things within. 

System Shock remastered has no release date yet, but you can try out the demo on Steam by clicking here

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