Suffer the Night Cursing Floppy Disks, PCs, Later this Year

Stacey Linden, a horror illustrator, is about to undergo one of the most harrowing and horrific adventures imaginable thanks to a cursed floppy disk. Alone in her isolated cabin, Suffer the Night will take Stacey through a number of callbacks to ’80s slasher movies, full of camp. It’s fully playable as of today thanks to the Steam Next Fest, so be sure to check out a demo before it launches on Steam later this year. You can play through the first chapter for free, letting you have a taste of the fear and nostalgia to come. Don’t forget the announcement trailer.

The year is 1989. A powerful storm rages against the town of Sleepy Woods. Stacey receives an envelope containing a mysterious floppy disk. Against all sensibility and cybersecurity best practices, she pops it into her old personal computer and begins playing. It’s a text adventure! But, as Stacey progresses through the horrors, a stranger begins to visit her, threatening and urging her to finish the game. The events in the text adventure begin to spill over into the real world. Above all, do not let him in. Be sure to take a gander at Neil’s impressions of the demo if you want to catch the vibe.

Suffer the Night Screenshot Computer
Better cybersecurity practices might save Stacey’s life, if she lives through this unfortunate blunder.

Wiesbaden, Germany is the home of Assemble Entertainment. The independent, privately-owned publisher’s mission is “Saving the World. Game by Game.” Stefan Marcinek founded the company in 2016, which has become known for its titles such as Dendzone – A World Apart, Roadwarden, Lacuna, and Orbital Bullet. Last year it began distributing Mixtvision’s games, and has won the German Developer Award for ‘Best Publisher’ twice. It also organizes GermanDevDays, where indie teams across Germany can compete and network while earning cash prizes.

Developer Tainted Pact launched onto Steam in late 2021 with Exsanguinate. They’ve also made Meat Saw and Weeping Falls Massacre. Suffer the Night, their latest project, plans to launch in Q2 2023.