Strange Horticulture Sprouts on PCs

Strange Horticulture released today for PCs. The plant shop occult mystery title is on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store with a temporary 10% launch discount. Of course, there’s a trailer to check out in addition to the trailer released a few months ago.

The game takes place in Undermere, a small town surrounded by rugged mountains and hag-filled forests. As the Horticulturist, you own the local plant store known as Strange Horticulture. A cast of customers stop by your shop, and you quickly find yourself enmeshed within an occult mystery centuries in the making.

Strange Horticulture Screenshot Cards
Strange Horticulture includes an underlying mystery that you can try to solve with witchy plants.

To maintain your stock and find new and interesting plants, you’ll need to travel the wilderness surrounding Undermere. The woods and lakes are not always safe, though. You may encounter power beyond your wildest imaginations or completely lose your mind. Context clues will help you decide where to visit, and where to stay away from. With a helpful encyclopedia and clues from your forays into the wilds, you can learn more about the plants you find. By identifying them, you’ll be able to utilize their effects. These properties can make for potent hallucinogenics or deadly poisons. And, yes, I’ve been told that you can pet the cat.

Bad Viking is an indie game development company based in England. Brothers Rob and John Donkin founded the company, which seeks to create “fun, fresh, and imaginative games that can be enjoyed by anyone.”

Publisher Iceberg Interactive has been around since 2009. Located in Haarlem in the Netherlands, it staffs avid gamers and international industry veterans. It works closely with game developers around the world, both midsize and indie. Their hit franchises include Starpoint Gemini, Killing Floor, and Circle Empires. Their other PC titles include Shortest Trip to Earth, The Sojourn, and Railroad Corporation. Upcoming multi-format games include the PC titles Blazing Sails, Recursive Ruin, and Sacred Fire.