Spookware is the Spookiest Version of Warioware

WarioWare is a well beloved, but not around often enough, series of “microgames” that has you adapting to and completing challenges in seconds. It’s a great series that could use some more entries. However, while we may not have a new one coming out any time soon, we do have Spookware, which is just like WarioWare. Just, you know, spooky.

It’s the same basic concept: you have to play through a series of super short minigames, refereed to as microgames, each of which requires a different skill and quick reactions. Being a horror game, each of Spookware‘s ten microgames have a bit of a horror edge. One, a pretty obvious parody of Slender, requires you to find paper stapled to trees. Another has you sawing a leg in two. A third minigame is a classic, with you controlling a UFO to beam up cows.

There’s ten microgames total, and according to the developer, a run through all ten will take about 5 – 10 minutes, making it quite easy to check it out. Even more impressively, this is developer paper cookies 24th game in two years, as he puts out a new game every month. Some of his past projects have included horror hits like No Players Online, Tonsil Terror, and VHS, 1986.

If this all sounds interesting to you, you can grab Spookware on itch.io right now.

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