Silt Key Art

Silt is a Spooky Underwater Adventure Coming Out in 2022

I am afraid of the ocean. I’ve never seen the ocean, but I’m afraid of it. I actually don’t like any water where I can’t see the bottom. Thalassaphobia is the technical term for it. I also have a touch of the submechanophobia. That is a fear of underwater machines and structures. So it may come as a surprise that I’m really looking forward to Silt. Silt is a gloomy monochrome ocean exploration game by Spiral Circus Games. You play as a nameless diver, exploring a vast ocean full of terrible titanic beasts, and whispering mysteries behind every stone.

A neat feature showed off is the ability to possess ocean wildlife. Like a more effective Aquaman, you’ll be commandeering the minds and bodies of ocean creatures to progress through the world. The game looks hard. The trailer shows many different watery graves that can be accomplished through regular play. Will you manage to solve the mysteries of Silt‘s ocean? Or will you succumb to the crushing pressure of the depths?

Spiral Circus Games is based in Bristol. Founded in 2018 by Tom Mead and Dom Clarke. This is their first game under the Spiral Circus Games banner. Silt looks like it pulls a fair amount of inspiration from games from Playdead like Limbo and Inside. It’s a style of gameplay that I don’t see enough of so I’m excited. No concrete release date has been set. Luckily we have the ballpark of early 2022 to look forward to. Currently announced on PC. You can wishlist the game here and check out the trailer below.

  • Steven
    November 19, 2022

    I wonder what happens if you don’t save the souls from the depths of the haunted deep ocean.

    Do you still get the same ending or do you get a bad ending.

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