Silent Hill Manga Could Be On The Horizon

Remember a few weeks ago when that giant Silent Hills rumor was swirling about? The rumor that just a week later was all reported by Konami to be false? Well, one of the little bits that got eclipsed by the larger story was the rumor of a Junji Ito Silent Hill manga adaptation. It’s honestly the one part of the rumor that I found to be most likely. Since far more reliable sources have already confirmed the new Silent Hill movie (along with a Fatal Frame film), we already know that Konami is willing to license the IP for non-game media. And even though Konami shot down rumors of Silent Hills/Silent Hill reboot, they did claim they are working on bringing back the franchise in other ways.

Horror manga artist Suehiro Maruo may hold the answers to this burning question question. Recently posted on his Instagram are two pictures that pretty clearly hint towards a new Silent Hill project. Unlike previous hot topic images that hinged on the brand name of a pencil or the use of the word “silent,” Suehiro Maruo’s images are far more blatant. Check them out below:

The images speak for themselves. While it’s nothing concrete, it certainly points towards something Silent Hill related. Could there be a new manga on the horizon by Suehiro Maruo instead of Junji Ito? Or perhaps a collaboration between the two? It could also be the case that Maruo is just in talks to provide art assets for a new Silent Hill game. With no clear answers, the only solid fact is that if I don’t get a concrete statement from Konami soon I’m probably going to whine about it online for a while and then keep waiting. Just being realistic.

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