Sheltered 2 Announced, Releasing Later This Year

Team17 and Unicube announced Sheltered 2 today, the sequel to the 2015 resource management and survival game Sheltered. Though they have not announced a specific date, players should expect the game to launch later this year on Steam. Sheltered 2 features a post-apocalyptic world where people must make difficult decisions to survive. Featuring a new 3D art style, combat system, various factions, and other challenges, it brings new strategy to the series.

In Sheltered 2, the player will create a leader with their own goals, ideals, and skills. They’ll also have to manage their resources and take care of their constituents while keeping their base safe. Ensure a healthy food and water supply, and be careful of radiation as well as bandit raids. One wrong move can spell disaster, and the blame will fall on your leader’s shoulders.

Sheltered 2 Character Creation Example
Sheltered 2 will allow you to make the wasteland survivor of your dreams (or maybe just yourself).

The faction system will allow players to send representatives and expeditions out to explore. They can build relationships or fan the flames of post-apocalyptic war, depending on their whims (and social skills). Trading between factions can also be a great way to acquire new equipment, or just pawn off your excess. Of course, there’s always the option to simply take what you want, if you want to play it that way.

In addition to Sheltered 2’s new faction system, the leader faces a permadeath mechanic. They’ll also engage in turn-based combat with a variety of hostiles with whatever’s at hand. Other survivors will also have unique personalities, abilities, and wants. Survivors can also be customized individually, allowing for a truly unique faction. Regardless, they will live and die by both their leader’s decisions and the whims of fate.

Team17 has released a trailer on their YouTube channel, which you can check out above. You can also Wishlist the game on Steam for when it comes out, which will be sometime later this year.

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