Shadows of Kurgansk Launched on Consoles

Shadows of Kurgansk released today on contemporary consoles. You can try the experimental survival horror title on the PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, and the Nintendo Switch. It is only available as a digital distribution at this time.

Players find themselves in a dark, hostile environment known as “The Zone.” The player must escape the haunted, deadly Zone with their sanity intact. They aren’t alone, however, as things lurk in the shadows. Wild beasts, the undead, mutants, and even surviving humans wander the dregs of civilization. Players will gather sustenance, hunt the local wildlife, craft their own equipment, build shelters, and even break into secret government bunkers. They’ll have to balance both their physical and mental well-being, as the Zone plays tricks on peoples’ minds.

Shadows of Kurgansk Screenshot
Shadows of Kurgansk blends horror and survival game elements together and released today on current consoles.

Shadows of Kurgansk boasts 4K/60FPS graphics. All platforms include the 60 FPS refresh rate, with the Xbox One X, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S players also getting the 4K resolution. It will also have two story campaigns focused on learning about the Zone and its secrets. The Adventure and Survival modes will let the player explore at their own leisure and form their own goals. The PC version, released back in 2018, is available on Steam.

Developer Yadon Studio debuted on Steam with Shadows of Kurgansk. They also have a number of mobile titles released on the Google Play Store.

Publisher Gaijin Entertainment is based in Budapest, Hungary. Established in Moscow in 2002, it serves a number of European markets, including Cyprus, Germany, Russia, and Latvia. They’ve developed or published a number of shooter MMOGs, flight simulators, and action-adventure games. Some titles include Crossout, Enlisted, and Blades of Time, among others. Find a full list on their official website. Gaijin Entertainment assisted Yadon Studio through their novice game developer support program.