Serum Screenshot Injection

Serum Injecting Survival with Spice

Upcoming story-driven survival game Serum recently announced its partnership with Toplitz Productions. Game Island, the developers behind the ominous green liquid, expects to launch the full game around the end of 2023. It takes inspiration from Bioshock, The Forest, and Green Hell, so show some support and pop it onto your Wishlist if that seems up your alley.

 “We are delighted to have found a partner in Game Island, who is investing so much heart and soul and creativity in the project, and we are looking forward to the next development steps with great anticipation. Serum with its special features fits perfectly into our portfolio and will serve a new, expanded target group alongside Dynasty Games and the Giant Series.”

Matthias Wünsche, CEO, Toplitz Productions
Serum Animals Trap screenshot
Animals are looking mighty lively, so let’s call that a plus.

Serum, the green fluid you repeatedly encounter in your journey, is a valuable commodity. You’ll need to find shelter, search for new technology, create equipment for survival, and gather more. All of this is packaged with a race against the clock, and the Serum can have some unexpected effects. It’s too valuable to just leave it there, though, with all the dangerous mutated creatures roaming around.

“We are glad that we’ve found a well-established and trustworthy partner in Toplitz Productions. With their publishing experience, Serum will have a chance to reach a worldwide audience. There has been an excellent understanding between our companies right from our first talk about the game.”

Michal Ojrzynski, CEO, Game Island

Game Island S.A. was a subsidiary of The Dust S.A. Established in 2020, they produce games for Steam and consoles. Serum is the first major game in their portfolio. The Dust, also founded in 2020, utilizes Two Horizons, Game Island, and 4Knights to develop premium indie, mid-budget survival, mid-budget simulators, and RTS games.

German-Austrian publisher Toplitz Productions seeks to publish and develop games with “heart and soul.” They release on all contemporary platforms, making use of their mix of industry veterans and young blood. They enjoy collaborating and working with developers, including those from the Dynasty and Giant series.