Serious Sam 4’s Story Trailer Is Very Serious and Very Sam

There are many good Sam’s in video games. Serious Sam is one of the good ones. With Serious Sam 4 set to launch soon, we got one more trailer to get us ready for the next explosive entry to the series.

The latest trailer, instead of showing off the frantic gunplay and shooting elements that the series is known for, chooses to get you involved in the plot. We learn that Sam is a member of Alien Artifact Acquisition, also known as AAA, and that he’s currently on a quest to find the Holy Grail, because it’s an alien artifact. Between him and the artifact is a priest with a shotgun, a ton of aliens, and an angry Italian grandmother. You know, normal stuff.

While it’s a totally different tone from any of the other trailers, it’s pretty clear Serious Sam 4 is trying something a little different with this one. There has been plenty of trailers and screenshots highlighting the two things Serious Sam series is known for: guns and Sam. Stepping back and seeing some cutscenes is a fun enough distraction. Will it likely influence a large portion of purchases? Not really. Do I want to see more of the angry Italian grandmother? Yes, very much.

Serious Sam 4 launches on PC and Google Stadia on September 24th. You can put it on your wishlist here.

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