Scathe Releases Devlog, New Steam Demo

As part of the BiliBili Game Charging Festival, upcoming bullet hell FPS Scathe released a demo showcasing the action-packed gameplay. The BiliBili Game Charging Festival showcases a number of upcoming and recently-released games. Scathe, one of the titles, will launch on PCs on August 31, with console releases to follow early next year.

Take control of Scathe, the Enforcer of Hell’s legions. Like the other fallen before you, you’ll need to test your mettle and prove your worth. Travel through a tortuous labyrinth. Danger lurks behind every twist and turn. To progress, you’ll need to acquire various runes and take down anything standing between you and escape. Evade waves of projectiles in bullet hell gameplay. With your speed, you can dash through attacks unharmed, so don’t forget to keep moving. Whether it’s spewing hellfire with the Hot Hatch or the buzzsaw-launching Bow Blade, there will be plenty of ways to inflict mayhem on your poor enemies. Lastly, take advantage of the drop-in drop-out multiplayer. It’s crossplay, and you can bring in up to three friends to join you. Make sure they can hold their own, though, as you share the same pool of lives.

Scathe Large Creature Devlog #2
Hm, ominous. Nothing involving something that looks like a giant house centipede has ever worked out in my favor, I tell you that much.

For now, you can show your support by Wishlisting the game and trying out the demo on Steam. The team also uploaded a devlog, which you can find on YouTube.

Publisher Kwalee has earned multiple accolades in the field of both publishing and development. With over 850 million installs on mobile devices, the Learnington Spa, UK-based team’s portfolio includes Eternal Hope and the upcoming Die By The Blade, Wildmender, and Robobeat. Their team also has studios based in India and China, with other remote members scattered throughout the globe.

Damage State works out of Dundee in Scotland. Three ex-AAA veterans founded the studio in 2019, and the trio has a combined four decades of experience between them. They focus on premium indie titles and modern game development. Scathe is the studio’s debut title, slated for release August 31.