RTS Game It Stares Back Receives Massive Metroidvania Update With Cthulhu Knights

Developer Light Arc Studio announced yesterday that the first new chapter for It Stares Back is out now. Anyone who joins their Discord server is given access to It Stares Back: Towercall. This new expansion, announced back in October, is a massive update and the first of its kind for this early access strategy game.

Towercall has new story content, new levels, new factions, and even new A.I., all for free in this latest update. It also introduces RPG elements, allowing you to level up your army, powering up your forces for all future battles to come. On top of that, the first taste of the enormous open Metroidvania-inspired world map is included in It Stares Back: Towercall.

It Stares Back is a real time strategy game set in a dark electro-fantasy universe called the Great Tapestry. You play as the Noble Guide. With the help of Hex, a mechanical owl through which you observe the battlefield, you will command your armies and reconquer these corrupted lands. While it would be impossible to fully capture the story of the game in just one article, It Stares Back is the same style of amazing and insane worldbuilding as E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy, this time with better understood writing. 

The gameplay of It Stares Back is a throwback to classic strategy games. Each map has you building resource-collecting structures, and managing your troops in order to take over the entire region. In this game, however, having your allies killed is not a setback in the slightest, as their sacrifice does not mean a loss in resources. Sending units to their deaths and undeaths on the hex-based battlefields, It Stares Back is perfect for all fans of the old school RTS genre. 

The new Towercall expansion for It Stares Back holds new updates for the story of the game. Set in a region called the Fathoms, a home to a kingdom corrupted by ancient gods. You’ll face off against armies of eldritch knights, led by one Drowned Queen, in order to take back the Fathoms in your quest to reknit the Great Tapestry. 

You can buy It Stares Back on Steam by clicking here, right now for $6 (but it will increase, so get it soon!). And to join the Discord and claim the expansion, click here

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