Retro Shooter Hellbound Inbound To Store Shelves Today

Get ready for some extremely 90’s FPS action, Hellbound has just arrived. Created by Saibot Studios, best known for the Doorways series, this latest title goes in a much different direction. In Hellbound you play as Hellgore, ” a tortured soul, looking for vengeance against the creatures that massacred his people.” That’s about as much narrative as you’ll get here because this is a game about holding down the shoot button.

Channeling the aesthetic of Doom and the don’t-ever-not-be-running gameplay if Painkiller, Hellbound is determined to bring the 90’s FPS genre back with a bang. The game features wide, open areas with lots of enemies in the fashion of Serious Sam. The weapons Hellgore uses are a clash of flesh, metal, and bone, and the demonic enemies just the same (but with more viscera).

For more information, or to try out the two free demos, you can visit the Hellbound website by clicking here. You buy Hellbound on Steam, on sale now, by clicking here.

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