Retro-Horror Shooter DUSK Turns The Whole Game Into Tim Allen (Among Other Things) With New Mod Support

Any fan of classic shooters will tell you that the actual game is maybe only 5% of what you’ll be playing. The other 95% will be spent in a wonderful ocean of mods. I played Half-Life 2 for maybe 20 hours. I played Half-Life 2 mods for over 2,000. Games like Counter-Strike originally started as mods, further blurring the line. Then Counter-Strike got its own slew of mods. Remember .Surf maps and modded RPG servers? Those were the days.

With the recent resurgence of retro-games, I was hoping we’d see an equal resurgence in mods. It makes sense, since it’s way easier to mod games that look like they were made with a bunch of stale Play-Doh and pasta sauce. It took over 500 indentured servants voluntarily employed programmers to make the maps in Call of Duty. How’s Johnny “5 Year Old Rig” gonna match that? Even if they were design wizards with all the time in the world, the company would still have to release the source code or a development kit to make things easier. Luckily, the indie-stry (trademark pending) is here to save the day again.

Now this is what the world needs

After a month of pre-alpha testing, developer David Szymanski has released the SDK for his retro-shooter DUSK. This software development kit (SDK) will allow fans the world round to make their own additions, tweaks, rebuilds, and memes we’ve all come to collectively refer to as mods. And many already have! If you head on over to DUSK mods official website, you can find a whole slew of… well, most of them are kind of shitty right now. But that’s what’s lovely about mods. You never know what you’re gonna get, or what will grow into a beautiful new spin-off. You want Tim Allen textures?There’s a mod for that. Is that going to lead to a whole new Tim Allen adventure shooter? Probably not, but who knows!

Welcome to hell

The mods are currently playable, and there are plans for future Steam Workshop support and Moddb. If you’re a fan of DUSK, you’ll have to check this all out. Seriously, you’re missing out on a lifetime of content if you don’t. If you haven’t had a chance to play it yet, you can pick it up on Steam for just $20.

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