Resident Evil: Outbreak Lives On In Fan Game Outbreak: The New Nightmare

Have you ever been playing a PS1 Resident Evil game and thought, “gosh I wish I had a friend to get mauled by zombies with me,” then this game may be for you. Outbreak: The New Nightmare is a neat Resident Evil-style game by one-man developer Drop Dead Studios LLC. Outbreak is a co-op survival game that is as hardcore as it is janky. And now, it’s coming to consoles.

Outbreak: The New Nightmare is just one of five games in the Outbreak series. Set in a world following an apocalyptic zombie epidemic, you and your co-op pals play as some of the few remaining survivors. With countless zombies and far too few bullets, you must search everywhere for supplies if you hope to survive.

Admittedly, this is not a game for everyone. Many have been turned off by the difficulty and the janky camera and awkward controls. But Outbreak: The New Nightmare is not for the mass audience. It’s a title aimed at the old-school horror community, where a game without jank just doesn’t feel right.

Outbreak: The New Nightmare will be arriving on consoles on August 25th. But if you can’t wait, you can also buy it on Steam by clicking here.

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