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Prime Matter is Koch Media’s New Publishing Label

Koch Media revealed yesterday their newest premium gaming label, Prime Matter. The Prime Matter label will focus on immersive games from studios around the globe. The label will publish various genres and titles from various brands such as Warhorse Studios.

Prime Matter includes a mix of experienced industry professionals and young blood to create a diverse, multicultural set of gaming experts. The label will launch with more than ten different titles.

PAYDAY 3 is the newest title in the first-person bank heist series. The upcoming co-op shooter takes place in a Hollywood-like setting. Players will enjoy the glamour of being a world-class career criminal. Starbreeze Studios is developing the game.

Crossfire: Legion, developed by Blackbird Interactive, is an RTS title. It features a futuristic aesthetic with global warfare and various competing factions.;

Prime Matter Scars Above Art
Scars Above is one of many titles launching with the new publishing arm.

Scars Above is a new IP in development by Mad Head Games. The sci-fi action adventure includes a lone protagonist as they struggle to survive and explore a hostile world made from the stuff of nightmares.

Codename Final Form is the working title of another new IP. Reikon Games is developing the FPS with futuristic, fast-paced gameplay. Take control of a cybernetic Valkyrie attempting to save humanity from its destruction.

Gungrave G.O.R.E. is a third-person action shooter from IGGYMOB, based in South Korea. Players become Grave, an anti-hero and gunslinger of resurrection. They’ll blast through dozens of enemies with style and a gory deluge of bullets.

Dolmen, another new IP, comes out of Brazil. Developed by Massive Work Studio, it is an action RPG blending sci-fi with good old-fashioned cosmic horror.

The Last Oricru is another brand-new IP from the Czech-based studio GoldKnights. It’s a third-person action RPG combining a middle age aesthetic with elements of science fiction.

Echoes Of The End is yet another new IP with a working title. Coming from Myrkur Games, this story-driven action adventure is a journey for one. They’ll travel a vast fantasy world, learning the story of Ryn as she searches for her real purpose.

The Chant, another new IP with a working title, is in development by Canadian studio Brass Token. The Chant is a psychological thriller using psychedelia to create an atmospheric horror experience.

Encased, also a new IP, comes from Dark Crystal Games based in Russia. Encased bills itself as a classic RPG. The player is on a mission to uncover the secrets that lie beneath a mysterious dome.

In addition to their various flagship publications, Kingdom Come Deliverance is coming to the Nintendo Switch. This is a collaboration between Warhorse Studios and Saber Interactive. Kings Bounty 2 will also release August 24, 2021 on the PC and consoles. Various other legacy games will be published under the new label as well. More details can be found on the site’s press release.

Prime Matter and Koch Media Group are both based in Germany. Koch Media Group and the Prime Matter label are both based in Munich.

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