Prepare To Have Your System Shocked In Lovecraftian Cyberpunk Horror Transient

Developer Stormling Studios released a new cinematic trailer for their upcoming game, Transient. And let me tell you, this trailer is something wild. There’s literally too much going on to bring up. Blade runners and goblins. Neon streets and H.R. Giger corridors. An eldritch plant and some kind of skeletal machine god. Transient is a Lovecraftian Cyberpunk game, and after seeing the video, it’s definitely on my list. 

Transient takes place in a cyberpunk world, where humanity now lives in a massive dome city. You play as a hacker for some kind of cyber-mercenary group named ODIN, who seems to discover something they shouldn’t have. Somehow, either virtually through cyberspace or actually through time-space, a bond with the eldritch plane is built. Sanity and humanity are in mortal danger, and you must explore both the artificial realms and reality in order to find out the truth. 

There’s not much information about Transient yet, but there is a demo available on Steam, which you can try by clicking here. And for more information, check out the Stormling website here.

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