Postal: Brain Damaged Announced Release Month

Long-running FPS series Postal has a new game. Postal: Brain Damaged announced that players can pick it up starting next May. They have not specified a specific release date at this time. Postal: Brain Damaged is, at time of writing, the most-Wishlisted FPS game on Steam Next Fest. Steam Next Fest runs until October 7, when devs will close off access to demos of their upcoming games. Postal: Brain Damaged will come to the Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch after the May 2022 PC release.

The limited time demo was one of the most-played at Steam Next Fest. It showcased the entire first area in the game. A brand-new trailer revealed the launch in May 2022. It maintains the 1990s-era aesthetics from its roots and raw, chaotic gameplay, but introduces modern arcade-FPS gunplay to the mix. Postal: Brain Damaged takes more inspiration from DOOM than previous entry Postal 4. Now, the Postal dude will travel through the center of his dark and twisted mind. “The gloves are off!” proclaims the game. There’ll be all-new sources of weirdness, madness, and nightmare fuel.

For now, you can check out the trailer and the official Steam page. The demo is only available for a little while longer, so if you want to try it out, time is of the essence. After tomorrow, you’ll need to wait until Postal: Brain Damaged releases next year to try it out. More information will likely emerge as next May approaches, so sit tight. Check out more information in our previous article.

Developer Running With Scissors is one of the oldest indie studios in the industry. Founded in 1996, it’s most known for its Postal series.

Hyperstrange, based in Warsaw, Poland, is an indie game development and publishing studio. It specializes in boomer shooters dipped in 90s pulp and heavy metal. The studio was founded in 2015.