Play Hello Neighbor With Your Actual Real Life Neighbor With Their Upcoming Board Game

The lovably evil Neighbor is coming out of the video game and into the real world. In fact, they’re coming into whomever you happen to have at the games night party. The popular horror game Hello Neighbor is getting a board game, and will challenge both your socializing guile as well as your poker face skill. 

But first, the premise. Hello Neighbor is a game by tinyBuild, in which you play as a child who must sneak into his neighbor’s house. After hearing a scream in the night, the child’s paranoid neighbor across the way seems to have imprisoned a person in his home. Stealthily attempting to enter his basement, he realizes this is much darker than a simple kidnapping.

As for the board game, Hello Neighbor: The Secret Neighbor Party Game, obviously you can’t sneak around a friends house to find any bodies or kidnapees. This time, as the name suggests, there is a neighbor who has secretly infiltrated your group. It’s a similar style of game as the popular (and very fun) board game, Secret Hitler: 

Your creepy Neighbor has something locked up in their basement, and it’s up to you and your friends to reveal their plot. You’ll need to use Objects you find around the Neighbor’s house to locate three different Keys, but there is one problem: some of your friends are secretly villainous Neighbors in disguise! Trade and cooperate as one of the Kids or steal and lie your way to victory as one of the Neighbors in this thrilling social-mystery card game where you’re never quite sure who’s on your side.

Hello Neighbor: The Secret Neighbor Party Game will be available in October of 2020. For more information, you can check out the announcement on their website by clicking here

  • Kathryn
    May 31, 2022

    that’s so coll I wish I could play

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