Phoenix Point: Year One Edition Is John Carpenter’s XCOM Game Of The Year Edition

If you’ve ever played an XCOM game and wished the aliens were even more grotesque, this might be the game for you. Phoenix Point: Year One Edition is a game of the year edition of the original Phoenix Point, released last year. Described as a spiritual successor to the XCOM series, in it you play the last surviving force fighting against an army of John Carpenter monsters.

Phoenix Point: Year One Edition takes place in an Earth on the brink of annihilation. A scourge of horrific aliens is overwhelming the last surviving humans. To face this threat, humanity has begun a program called the Phoenix Project, a combination of the best technology and soldiers, as the last line of resort. You play as the leader of the Phoenix Project, not only coordinating the expansion of the organization, but also the missions taken against the alien hordes.

One of the interesting parts of Phoenix Point is the aliens and their ability to mutate.  “There’s a very strong Lovecraft influence, and a sense of this unknown horror,” according to Julian Gollop, developer of the game. This is not an alien species in the conventional sense. It’s a virus, found in the warming permafrost, called the Pandoravirus, which mutates any living creature it touches into a monster. The Pandoravirus takes hold of the earth when it reaches the sea, transforming the ocean life into an army of monstrosities.

Phoenix Point: Year One Edition will be releasing for PC on December 10th. It will contain all the expansion content from the original. You can wishlist the game on Steam by clicking here.

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