PERISH Is A New Indie Coop Shooter From Hell (Or At Least Purgatory)

I’ts been quite the bear trying to cover all the indie games coming out of the various showcases that have come to replace E3. Almost makes me wish the event was back to keep everything wrapped up in a few nice discrete packages… But oh well. The future is now, and the internet is forever. One such game that almost slipped by unnoticed was PERISH. From a new studio in the UK called Item 42, PERISH is looking to scratch that classic frantic shooter itch. Only this time, you can also do it with friends.

The premise of PERISH is pretty simple. You play as a soul trapped in purgatory. You want to get to Elysium. The only way to get to Elysium is to satisfy the Priests of Purgatory. And what the priests like is cold hard danake (gold). So you slash and shoot your way through hordes of baddies to get the danake that the priests so love. Along the way you’ll also have to solve some puzzles and, “clear the cogs of crushed skulls.” So… I guess some janitorial work?

It’s a simple premise, but that’s fine. You don’t need to add barriers between me and shooting baddies. It’s all about the fluidity of combat and challenge. To that end, PERISH will ramp the difficulty for up to four players. Players will also be able to assist each other with healing, shields, and other skills, meaning that teamwork will be key. Especially if you want to take on some of the endgame bosses. Though there’s no info about them yet, PERISH promises to have a high difficulty ceiling in the form of massive Dismal Lords of Purgatory.

If you want to learn more about PERISH, you can find the game’s Steam store page by clicking here. PERISH is set to be released in Q4 2020 on PC.

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