Peripeteia Coming to Consoles

Ninth Exodus will partner with publisher Top Hat Studios to produce console versions of Peripeteia. Selling itself as an homage to classics such as System Shock and Deus Ex, it will come to all modern consoles. That means you can experience the oppressive atmosphere on your PlayStation 4 or 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, or Nintendo Switch courtesy of Top Hat Studios.

Taking place in the post-Soviet Polish Solidarity Republic, the surroundings are dark and dystopian. Enter Marie, a cybernetically-augmented supersoldier, assassin, and, as of recently, military surplus. Discarded to a once-closed husk of a city of the Soviet Union, she finds herself engaged in combat once again. Marie will compete with various other washed-up soldiers and mercenaries fighting for the various global powers. Whether she ultimately sides with the Polish Solidarity Republic, the Second Union, or some other faraway power entirely is up to the player.

Peripeteia Screenshot Office
Fans of the post-Soviet grunge aesthetic will have plenty of locations to scout out.

Marie will acquire hidden experimental technology left behind by the Soviets, and use it to blast her way through enemies. The city itself has plenty of places to run, hide, and climb. All of the debris makes for good makeshift weapons, cover, and distractions. Along the way, she’ll meet and make new friends and make choices. Her actions will ripple through the city and beyond. Whether they subvert, fight, preach, or murder, their lives will not be the same after crossing paths with Marie. One can support the Kickstarter project on the website and check out its demo.

Ninth Exodus is a Polish indie studio. Their first project appeared in a game jam back in November 2019. Despite its shortcomings, they believed that it had potential. The founding members contacted others in their circles to join them, refining the demo into what we today know as Peripeteia.

Top Hat Studios, Inc., based in New York, focuses on niche boutique publishing. Previous titles include Synergia, Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story, and Potion Party. The publisher has also found itself a leading name in Kickstarter success. As a grassroots indie company, it now provides a full suite of publishing, development, and porting tools and expertise to indie and solo developers.