Pascal’s Wager Is Like Dark Souls On Your Phone

Whatever happened to that promised mobile renaissance? Around 10 years ago, all anyone could talk about was how mobile games would revolutionize the industry. Plants vs. Zombies, Infinity Blade, Year Walk, all mobile games that you could love without any shame. Now, to admit your playing a mobile game feels dirty. I can’t remember the last time someone said, “I’m playing a game on my phone,” without a huge qualifier. “It’s a waste of time, but at least I don’t spend money on it,” or, “I need SOMETHING to do while I shit.”

The industry is long overdue for some mobile games that are worthy of a price tag. With Pascal’s Wager, Giant Network is hoping to tip those scales back. An ARPG with some serious Dark Souls vibes, Pascal’s Wager boasts a graphical quality that puts it on par with some indie PC releases. While the dark and broody atmosphere is enough to draw me in, Pascal’s Wager sets itself apart with a unique character swapping system. You’ll be able to switch between four unique characters on the fly, allowing you to pick which loadout best fits the coming challenge. If you’re getting stomped with the swordsman, try the gunslinger. There are currently 8 chapters in Pascal’s Wager, with more being added as future DLC.

Pascal’s Wager is now available on the iPhone and iPad. An Android version will be released Q2 of 2020. PC and Console versions are also in development. The game is just $6.99, so why not give it a shot?

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