Paranormal Tales Reveals Unsettling New Bodycam Footage Trailer

Indie developer Digital Cybercherries launched a new trailer for their upcoming game Paranormal Tales. The next-gen game uses Unreal Engine 5 to deliver an immersive bodycam found footage experience. You’ll play through the experiences of people who have gone missing. Their bodycams, phones, and VHS cameras provide the only clues to their disappearances. Find the trailer on YouTube, where you can get a glance at some of the scares in store for you. If you’re intrigued, be sure to show your support by Wishlisting it on Steam. The studio has not announced a release date at this point in time.

Some of the gameplay mechanics will include facial recognition, dynamic breathing, stumbling when sprinting, and interaction with various objects and appliances. True to the genre’s roots, you’ll also experience plenty of sudden frights as something that wasn’t in your view before makes its presence known. If, like any sensible person, you quickly rush up the stairs at night after turning off the lights in order to run away from monsters lurking in the darkness, you’ll have a head start on Paranormal Tales. You’ll visit multiple locations and play through several stories that show nothing, nobody, and nowhere is safe. The realistic rendering courtesy of Unreal Engine 5 makes for a uniquely terrifying experience. It turns out that, sometimes, there really is something monstrous in the house with you.

Paranormal Tales Screenshot Living Room
The visuals in Parannormal Tales are both unsettling and impressively realistic. Dare I say it, there’s probably a resident evil lurking here.

Digital Cybercherries is ‘a group of close friends who came together to create awesome and innovative games.’ Their first title, a VR arcade simulator called New Retro Arcade: Neon, launched on Steam in November 2019. Its playable demo first appeared in June 2016. Hypercharge, an action figure-themed first and third-person shooter, arrived on Steam in April 2020. Founded in 2015, the indie studio works out of the United Kingdom.