Paint the Town Red Exiting Early Access

Paint the Town Red, a first-person brawler will exit Early Access on July 29, according to South East Games. Version 1.0 will come to Steam as well as the Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4 and 5. The PlayStation 5 version will release shortly after the other platforms.

Over 400,000 people joined the fray and caused a ruckus across town. Paint the Town Red started in Early Access back in 2015. In the years since then, it’s gone from a simple voxel sandbox to a thorough action experience. The pace is fast, as players wield various weapons, make use of class skills, and even their bare hands. Weaponry ranges from barstools to shuriken to straight-up firearms.

Paint the Town Red includes several game modes. Beneath is a roguelike. Players pick one of five different classes and slay undead and eldritch monsters in an underground microcosm. The procedurally-generated world shifts and twists, and only through gumption and a mean right hook will they be able to take on the four Elder Gods. Scenarios mode offers good old-fashioned sandbox mayhem. There’s also the Arena mode for those who are really itching to test their skills. There’s even an authorized SUPERHOT mode, for those who loved the flashy brawler.

Paint the Town Red Islands Screenshot
This isn’t the bar brawl I signed up for.

PC players of Paint the Town Red also get a built-in level editor with Steam Workshop support. There’s also an exclusive online co-op mode so up to 4 rough-and-tumble fighters can band together and punch out the Elder Gods.

South East Games was founded by cousins Matthew and Shane Carr in 2009. The two have released some small games on the iOS while juggling work at THQ and The Creative Assembly. Paint the Town Red is something “fresh and new” they wanted to work on together. Jeff van Dyck, BAFTA award-winning Composer and Audio Director, will contribute to the soundtrack.