October Night Games Hits Kickstarter for Digital Board Game Bucks

There are many things that lend themselves well to the horror genre. One of the stranger ones that I still continue to see work is board games. It seems I wasn’t the only one that enjoyed this combination either, as October Night Games is an upcoming horror board game that is hit Kickstarter and is already over 50% of its way to the goal.

The idea is rather simple: you and up to five friends will pick different characters, get a familiar, and need to wander around a board and do various rituals for the upcoming Halloween. Half of the players are trying to summon Cthulhu to destroy the world, the other half is trying to stop them, and you won’t know who’s on what side until Halloween. Well, unless you’re good at figuring out rituals and social diduction. Then there’s a chance you can work out who’s doing what.

While October Night Games already has a release date, and it’s soon even, the game is still hitting Kickstarter to help go that extra step. The Kickstarter is asking for €5,000, and at the time of writing is already at around €2,750. The game is getting released, with or without the Kickstarter money. However, with the money, we can see more characters, features, familiars, and just more stuff added to the game.

October Night Games is launching on October 15th, and you can add the game to your Steam wishlist here, or donate to the Kickstarter here.

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