Norman Reedus Stokes Silent Hills Rumors By Hinting At New Project With Hideo Kojima

Ah, another day, another Silent Hills rumor. I wonder if Konami knew the massive hole it was leaving in fans’ hearts when it canned the release of Silent Hills. Surely they had to know it would lead to over six years of wringing hands and gnashing teeth. Even though they hadn’t released a good Silent Hill game in over a decade (yeah, I’m referring to Silent Hill 4, fight me in the comments). Still, the overwhelming spookiness of P.T. has left a lasting impression on horror fans the world around. They don’t just want “a” new Silent Hill game. They want “THE” new Silent Hill game made by Hideo Kojima and starring Norman Reedus.

As a result, no one that works or has ever worked with either of the men can even like a tweet relating to Silent Hill without everyone losing their collective shit. Some of these rumors are more spurious than others. Most of them will never materialize into more than a headline to keep the rumor mill churning. However, when a new rumor comes from one of the mouths of the big names involved, it’s worth mentioning.

In a recent episode of Wired’s Answers the Web’s Most Searched Questions, Norman Reedus himself gave a cryptic answer to a Death Stranding question. In response to the search, “why Norman Reedus Death Stranding,” Reedus replied:

So we did Death Stranding, which was a huge hit, and we’re in talks to do other stuff.”

Wow, in talks to do other stuff? Not exactly striking gold here. He explained earlier in the video that he was set to work with Kojima on Silent Hills, but he never comes out and specifically states what this “other stuff” is. This is coming hot off the heels of the cryptic tweet that seemed to hint that a Kojima Productions Silent Hill game was in the works. Honestly, I think I might be losing my mind. Silent Hills has broke me. I’m at the point where I’m looking at pictures of a pencil and reading hidden meaning into it. Please God just make it stop. So what do you think? Is this 100% Silent Hills confirmed? Let me know in the comments.

  • Jonathan Bryant
    March 11, 2020

    Sounds bs. Konami and Kojima are done and Kojima doesn’t have rights to create this game unless they patched things up just saying.

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