No Time For Cowardice In Hardcore Action Game No Place For Bravery

Publisher Ysbyrd Games just announced their new upcoming title No Place for Bravery. Created by developer Glitch Factory, this hardcore Soulslike game takes inspiration from Norse mythology. In this “painstakingly detailed pixel art world” you will fight all kinds of mythological creatures, explore ruined civilizations, and be forced to make difficult choices.

You play as Thorn. A retired soldier looking to shut the door on his dark past, you come across and adopt a lost child named Phid. Guarding the child on your back (making this game something of a Yoshi’s Island-like), the two of you must traverse this brutal world and find Thorn’s daughter.

No Place for Bravery touts its “Sekiro-esque 2D combat,” where well timed parries and weakening foes’ stamina is more important than dealing damage. Health is low and enemies hit hard. Careful consideration and quick decision-making are necessary against even the smallest of enemies. Much less, against the massive bosses. 

The game will be available Q4 of 2021 on PC and Nintendo Switch. You can learn more about No Place for Bravery by visiting the website here.