New The Medium Trailer Reveals What Threats Await In The Shadowrealm

Bloober Team released a trailer today that introduces a new character to The Medium. Presented during the Golden Joystick Awards, this new “The Threats” trailer is as ominous as it is mysterious. It features a man who is very frustrated. One that appears to have tremendous influence over the astral plane or mindscape or wherever this nightmare takes place.

The Medium follows, as the name suggests, a medium. You play as Marianne, a psychic who has an unfortunate connection to an alternate Beksinski dimension. Plagued by visions of a monster called The Maw, Marianne is forced to confront this amalgamation of pain and rage. 

But this new The Medium trailer is something else entirely. The trailer begins with images of a mansion. Or rather, a former mansion. Covered in goo and tentacles and the occasional gangly monster hand, the man featured in this trailer describes having let in some entity, one that you the protagonist must remove under threat of the entity’s death.

None of these elements have been seen previously. It is exciting to know that there is more to The Medium than we know of, and it will be fascinating to see how deep this alternate dimension goes. The Medium will be available on PC and the Xbox Series X. For more information, check out the website by clicking here.

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