New Song of Horror Trailer Gives You A Taste Of The Story So Far

I’ve absolutely loved playing through Song of Horror. So much so that I even made a video about how great it is. So I was sad to learn that the final episode was pushed back all the way to May 14th. I get it. Developer Protocol Games is a small indie studio. And I’ll admit, some of the episodes were a bit rough on initial launch. The review copy of Episode 2 would sometimes randomly swap to Spanish text. So with the success of their first few episodes, they’re hoping to polish up the final episode. I get all of that… I just want it now.

With the final episode still a little over 6 weeks away, publisher Raiser Games is giving us a little morsel to sate our appetites. In the new trailer featured above, players can get a better sense of the story so far. It’s only a cursory recap of the events so far, so don’t expect any deep dive breakdowns of the plot. This is a welcome addition. The only previous trailers were for each chapter. It made it confusing for new players to get a sense of what the game held as a whole. The story, the diversity of spirits, the enigmatic song, the multiple characters, all of it is on display here.

If you haven’t had a chance to play Song of Horror, I cannot recommend it enough. It feels like a modern take on a lost age of horror before it was all headshots and/or jumpscares. You can click here to find it on Steam. The first episode is just $8, with the whole package totaling $30. Console releases are slated for Q2 of this year.

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