New Live-Action Trailer And Contest For THE COMA 2: VICIOUS SISTERS

I never played The Coma. But when news like this comes around, it makes me wish I had. Heck, I might even clone myself just so that I can go back and play all the old games I missed, then eat his brain and steal the knowledge. Hit me up mad scientists, I’ll let you scan my mind for the encyclopedic catalog of found footage my grey matter has become. Psh, and my mom said I was wasting my life.

Anywho, two cool things today for fans of The Coma. First off, a new live-action trailer featuring some K-pop lady that is presumably very famous to a lot of people. Here, I’ll just let them explain it:

Independent game publisher, Headup, and Korean developer, Devespresso Games, unveiled today a brand-new live-action trailer for The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters, an atmospheric story-driven Korean survival horror game scheduled for release on Steam in Q1 2020 with Early Access starting on November 7, 2019.

Featuring Lee Heejae from Aighty9, a K-pop dance troupe, the new trailer transforms Minho Kim’s in-game hand-illustrated visuals into real-life settings that capture the moment when familiar surroundings transform into something darker and more sinister.

Right, so I’m just going to assume that means a lot to some of you. The trailer is linked above, so just click it to check it out. As is the case with all live-action trailers, it doesn’t show any gameplay, so here’s a picture of their spooky ghosts to show you what the game looks like.

Oh fuck yeah dawg, fuck me up with them spooky long hair ghosts!

So, more awesomely, they also announced a scary story contest! Hell yeah, that’s my kind of contest. If you want a chance to win a copy of the game, check out how to enter:

To mark the unveiling of the new trailer and the start of Early Access on 7th November, Devespresso Games is holding a ‘The Coma Moment’ competition calling on fans to submit the moment when they are spooked by familiar surroundings. Winners will receive a free invite to the Early Access build. More details are available on Devespresso’s homepageSteam StoreDiscordTwitter, and Facebook.

So yeah, do that. Go to one of those places and enter your scary story for a chance to win. I know I’ll be entering my chilling tale, “The Writer Who Couldn’t Meet Deadlines.” Now that’s some scary shit.

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