New Gameplay Trailer And Beta Announcement For Soulslike Game Mortal Shell

Another piece of news from the IGN Summer of Gaming event was for Mortal Shell. For those unfamiliar, Mortal Shell is the most inspired-by-Dark Souls game ever made. It’s a hardcore action RPG where you play as a soul who can possess the bodies of fallen warriors in order to fight your way through the dark fantasy hellscape.

For the Summer of Gaming, a new trailer was released for Mortal Shell. The tough Soulslike combat we know and love is shown, as well as the various abilities added to the formula. Each shell has their own power; hardening skin, an ice sword, stuff like that. Also shown are a number of new enemy types, including but not limited to: a crossbow wielding dominatrix

Additionally, and most exciting, there is an upcoming beta test for Mortal Shell arriving soon. The beta test will only be an hour or two long, but should give players a good feel for what to expect in the full game. Players will explore “a frozen shrine called the Crypt fo the Martyrs,” according to an interview with the developers. 

The Mortal Shell beta will be arriving on July 3rd. You can check out the interview with the Mortal Shell devs by clicking here. And for more information, you can visit their website here.

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